Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Practice During Christmas Break

During Christmas break, it is very easy for practicing to fall by the wayside. Once Christmas recitals are over, there is less incentive to practice. Yet, if one does not at least play review songs, much will be lost before the next piano lesson. I have found in my studio that the first lesson after Christmas break is usually spent figuring out where the student was before Christmas, and how to get them back there. Very rarely have my students come having made progress on their songs.

So what should a student practice during a busy Christmas break? It can be summed up in one word:


For example, I have decided this year to review at least one song each night. (Usually I end up reviewing more than one) This not only keeps my fingers in shape and my songs from deteriorating, but also serves as a source of encouragement, for in reviewing songs played years before it is easy to see how far one has come.

--Of course, it is best to practice just as one would regularly do, but if in the midst of all the fun of vacation time for practice is nowhere to be found, make sure time is made for review!

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